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Parashat Beha’alotcha / פרשת בהעלתך

Torah Portion: Numbers 8:1 – 12:16 After the dedication of the Sanctuary — the portable Temple and repository of the Torah — the Children of Israel were almost ready to start the journey to the Land of Israel. The purpose was to fulfill the mission of Abraham, the founding father: to take the Ark of the […]

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Parashat Vayetzei / פרשת ויצא

Lesson Summary Parashat Vayetzei is the seventh weekly reading in the annual Torah reading cycle and the seventh reading of Bereshit (“Genesis”). Vayetzei (וַיֵּצֵא) is Hebrew for And He Left and is the first word of the parashah, which begins with Ya’akov’s (Jacob) departure from his family in Be’er Shava (Beersheva) and his journey toward Haran, to the family of his mother, Rivkah (Rebekah). The parashah records the […]

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The DSS vs Masoretic

The DSS vs Masoretic vs Samaritan vs Septuagint vs Aramaic Text, which is right? There are a number of anti-missionaries like Toviah Singer who have accused followers of Yehoshuah (Jesus) of altering texts that prophecy of The Anointed One. But the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as some other manuscripts, indicate that it was the […]